Tips & Warranty

1. Make sure you place the bottom of The Spin Spot on the floor. If you have the Basic Black Spin Spot, the bottom is the piece that is silver metal with the black foam and our logo is stamped on the bottom of all Spin Spots. All other Spin Spots are easy to determine the top, it is the side with the color you chose. You risk damage to The Spin Spot and injury if you try to use the apparatus upside down. Your warranty will be void if any part of the bottom foam has ripped due to misuse/poking finger or other objects into foam soft spots or center and/or stepping on the bottom of the Spin Spot.

2. Refer to the video tutorial before use! (Menu tab above)

3. Always use with adult supervision!

4. Your Spin Spot has a one year warranty against any mechanical defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Warranty is void if apparatus is used upside down. Please make sure you have the bottom of the Spin Spot on the floor. Do not stand on the bottom of the Spin Spot.

5. The foam surfaces are delicate as is the nature of any foam sheet. They are there for the practical use of a comfortable surface that keeps the unit and dancer from slipping. They will show wear just by using one time. Even stroking your hand across the foam will show marks. This is NORMAL!

6. Use on a flat, smooth indoor surface only! Carpet is fine as long as it is low pile, and has a regular padding underneath. Not advised to use on plush, berber, or shag carpets.





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