1. When can I expect to get my Spin Spot?
Answer: All Spin Spots are custom hand made in the order they are received. During high volume times (Summer months and Christmas time) it can take up to a full month during production 2-6 weeks before shipping. During low volume months projected production times are 4-7 business days long. You can request an in-house rush for and additional $35 per order. This will allow your order to ship overnight after the production time. We always ship 2-3 day priority mail via the USPS, so the rush will only get the product to you 1 to 2 days sooner.

2. Can I use the Spin Spot on carpet?
Answer: YES! As long as you don't have a super plush padding underneath. The Spin Spot can be used on any flat surface.

3. How much weight can the Spin Spot hold?
Answer: 750 lbs.

4. What footwear can I use on The Spin Spot?
Answer: Although technically you can use any dance shoe or sneaker, it is best to use clean bare or sock feet to keep the surface of the Spin Spot as clean and mark free as possible. Sneakers can easily rip and tear the foam surface.

5. Can I wash my Spin Spot?
Answer: To clean your foam surfaces on your Spin Spot, use a disinfecting wipe (Clorox or Lysol are preferred) to clean the top and bottom surfaces after every use. If too much dirt and dust accumulate in the foam on the bottom the Spin Spot will loose its ability to grip the flooring surface. Also, if you don't clean the top surface after every use, the foam will become dingy and worn looking in a short period of time. NEVER IMMERSE UNDER WATER, WASH UNDER RUNNING WATER, OR USE OUTSIDE! Keep away from excessive moisture.

6. My Spin Spot makes a noise when I use it, and sometimes pops when I step on or off of it. Is it broken?
Answer: No your Spin Spot is not broken. It is quite normal to hear the ball bearings rather loudly when using. The pop sound when stepping on or off the unit is normal, it will not effect the usefulness of the product.

7. When I received my Spin Spot, I noticed that the edge of the foam had little fringe like pieces around it. Is that normal?
Answer: Yes, it is normal to see some "feathering" of the foam on the outer edge. This is a result of the blades we use to cut the foam. It will wear away over time, and is nothing to be alarmed about.

8. There are little dips or holes in the foam surface of my Spin Spot, can I exchange it?
Answer: No, the small "pock marks" are normal with foam, and all foam sheets have a few, they cannot be avoided. Many dancers decorate their Spin Spots with stickers to cover up any of the little marks.

9. I have had my Spin Spot for quite sometime, and it seems to turn much slower than it did when I first got it. What can I do to "speed" it up?
Answer: You can use WD-40 to help it move smoother. Simply have an adult spray one spurt using the straw attachment between the wood and the metal part. Hold the Spin Spot vertically to do this, keep it that way for 10-15 seconds then twist the top & bottom in opposite directions to work the oil into the ball bearings. Do this maintenance once a month if in a high humidity area, or as needed anywhere else.

10. I am having trouble getting the basket to open so I can check out. What should I do?
Answer: Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox browser to access the Square Market. Unfortunately Square does not work well with Internet Explorer, Safari, or with mobile devices. We have made them aware of this issue, and hope they can get this issue rectified.

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